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Effervescent is now closed

We’re so proud of what we’ve achieved over the last twenty years, and we’ve come to a moment in time where stopping feels like the right thing to do.

Whatever your relationship with Eff, thank you for supporting us! Giving children and young people a meaningful voice is now much more common than it was twenty years ago, and together we’ve played a huge part in making that happen. So thank you.

A bit more about why we’re closing…

The work that we make with children is beautiful and effective, but the market isn’t quite ready for it. Giving children and young people a meaningful platform takes time and commitment – and has proved incredibly difficult to fund as a registered charity. In a nutshell, our model isn’t currently sustainable.

But although Eff is ending in its current format, what we believe in – helping children to say the unsayable – will live on in every single person that has taken part in one of our projects. Staff, young people, the creative freelancers we’ve worked with, our clients and partners, our funders and investors are now all taking their experiences on with them. Already we’re seeing young people we’ve worked with entering the social justice, creative and marketing industries with a deep understanding of why co-creation is so important.

If you’re a young person who has worked with Eff and would like help with a reference, or if you’re interested in our methodology and impact, please reach out to Eloïse Bella Day

Thanks again for being part of Eff’s incredible journey!

For any enquiries please contact Eloïse Bella Day