LNA 2020 - Effervescent

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In April 2020 during a national lockdown, while people all over the country were more isolated than ever before, we collaborated with a remarkable group of young people over Zoom to co-create the next Lonely Not Alone campaign.

To be working on such a meaningful project at such a difficult time gave the process incredible purpose. The young group were a mixture of returning co-designers from 2019 and new co-designers; they were all determined to create a campaign that would tackle the stigma of youth loneliness and show young people everywhere that they might be lonely, but they’re not alone.

The group built a creative idea around the Outfit Of The Day trend which is so prevalent in social media – where our campaign would mainly live – and found talented young creatives to help us produce beautiful, impactful films and photography.

It felt important to commission emerging young creatives who might otherwise have struggled to gain the paid experience they need to break into the creative industries. In total, 57 young people contributed to the campaign!

Lonely Not Alone

“ The entire campaign has been a ray of sunshine in a pretty bleak period, and whilst it hasn't 'cured' the loneliness, it’s given it a good kick of hope and motivation, and promise that we can move forward with this and hopefully create change for other young people ”

Co-Designer, 20


People all over the world shared your photos and artworks featuring yellow socks – including our very own Prime Minister, ahem – showing solidarity and support for anyone experiencing loneliness.

Lonely Not Alone Instagram

The creative pieces we commissioned were all made by emerging young creatives, and were displayed on billboards all over the UK, with the generous support of JCDecaux.

Immense reach

The campaign reach was almost 7 million, with over 400,000 video views. Co-op Foundation’s research shows that young people who saw the campaign feel more confident talking about loneliness, and increasingly see it as an issue that is taken seriously in society.

Huge engagement

Of the 10-25 year olds that saw the campaign in the UK, 87% reported taking a POSITIVE ACTION as a direct result of the campaign.

"A ray of sunshine"

Beautifully put by one of our young co-designers. For everyone who took part in the production of Lonely Not Alone 2020, the project provided a meaningful way of reaching out to other young people.