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Become approached us for training in how to lead digital coproduction processes with teenagers and young adults.  The end goal: a new, beautiful interactive digital space which was mapped, designed and populated by care experienced young people.

“ We’ve had such a positive response to the new website from all stakeholders (including, most importantly, young people) and so much praise about how refreshing, radical, and wonderful it is because it so clearly puts young people front and centre. This could never have been achieved without the coproduction we did with Effervescent. ”

Amy Grant, Communications Manager

After defining what the Become team needed to take their already considerable skills forward, we devised a bespoke professional development plan for the comms and engagement teams which included:

  • one to one mentoring and coaching for each member of the team
  • a whole team play day to learn codesign facilitation basics
  • practical support with recruiting young people to a digital co-design project
  • a 6 day intensive residential concept development process with the Become team, 12 young people, and the web design team at Venn Creative – leading to a final briefing for the Become CEO on the young people’s proposed creative solutions
  • a concept refinement weekend with the young people, designers, and Become team
    support with the launch event and celebration party

“ The process of learning coproduction was intense, but Effervescent made it fun, engaging and empowering at every stage. I felt supported by the Eff team, particularly during the residential-style days with young people, and I appreciated the pace they set as we moved from being led by Effervescent to confidently leading ourselves. ”

Amy Grant, Communications Manager

For the team at Eff, equipping talented professionals in the youth, policy development and communication sectors with practical skills and the creative confidence to lead exciting, fun, robust design development workshops was a dream gig.

We loved that Become trusted us with ‘co-piloting’ the design workshops alongside them so they could learn by doing, have hands on practice on a demanding real life co-design project whilst feeling completely safe and confident that we had their backs!

The young designers created user personas, user journeys, a set of concepts for the digital spaces, directions for visual and written content and ongoing feedback to the web design team, culminating in a website launch in March 2022.

“ It’s great to have met so many different people. Without this website, without Become, without everybody who was involved, I wouldn’t have met many different people. This website has brought us all together and has shown creativity in all of us, we were able to have an outlet that actually might affect us in the future – it was just brilliant! ”

Austin Dewson, 16 years old