Effervescent: A quick introduction to who we are and what we do…

Effervescent is an award-winning creative engagement lab based in Plymouth, established in 2004.    Team Eff June 2016: Ray White,… Read More

Effervescent News: September 2013

  DOWNLOAD Effervescent’s News:  New NXDs and FHB tour development September 2013   This months news includes: New Board Members… Read More

Fish-Hearted Bride Impact Report

Downloadable copy of the impact report generated by the Fish-Hearted Bride Project in Plymouth, 2012-13.   Fish Hearted Bride 2013… Read More

Documentary: The Fish-Hearted Bride

14 minute documentary on The Fish-Hearted Bride, including show and rehearsal footage, and interviews with cast and crew.   Effervescent’s… Read More

Mini-promo: The Fish-Hearted Bride

Mini promo film created by Hana Backland and Charlotte Hewins, for Effervescent. Effervescent’s Fish-Hearted Bride was an arts project which… Read More