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Cost: £1,950 – £3,600 (exc. VAT)

Our Creative Director Eloïse Malone delivers immersive workshops for organisations interested in co-production.

One-day workshops

A introduction to co-production; your team will come away with a good understanding of the approach and will be able to spot opportunities to apply it within your organisation.

Two-day workshops

After two days your team will be highly knowledgeable about co-production and will have the practical tools they need to start building this approach into their role.

Find out more about our workshops here

Co-piloted projects

 Cost: £10,000 - £15,000 (exc. VAT) 

We can co-pilot a project with your team, training them on-the-go as we collaborate with young people to co-produce a campaign together. 

We’ve been training groups of youth workers, psychologists, teachers and artists for quite a while, using an intensive training approach. With this approach we pack in all the theoretical and practical knowledge you need, whilst supporting and mentoring you through end-to-end delivery of a project.

This is a really cost-effective option for organisations that are keen to upskill their team in co-production and may be able to take on some of the legwork themselves.

Bespoke Projects

Cost: £25,000 + (exc. VAT) 

From helping you to define the strategic brief right through to launching your campaign and everything in between, if you want to collaborate with young people to co-produce something amazing – you need Eff in your corner! 

Don’t be shy, get in touch… you probably have some questions and we probably have the answers. (plus, we’re really friendly!)

“ I think that Effervescent are a fantastic company. I am so pleased this has been achieved and I am sure it’ll help towards our common goal of supporting individuals to achieve their potential. ”

Angela Hawke, Team Leader, Early Intervention Psychosis Team Cornwall