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At Effervescent we promise to protect personal information we obtain from you and about you, and we deal with it very seriously. If you have any questions or concerns about how Effervescent uses and processes your information, please never hesitate to contact us or write to us at Radiant Gallery, 12 Derry Cross, Plymouth, PL1 2TE, United Kingdom.

Ultimately, Effervescent want you to be happy and feeling safe with the information you give us. We want you to know how it is used and processed, know that we treat it seriously, and know that you have the right to withdraw your consent and request us to delete or amend your information at any time.

1. Information Effervescent collects and how it will be processed

When you use our Effervescent website, we may ask for personal information when you register for an event, subscribe to a newsletter, engage with our social media or communication channels, involved in one of our campaigns, make donation, or provide us with personal information in any other means. This information may include:

  •  Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Postal address
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Interests and preferences
  • Financial details
  • Responses to our campaigns
  • How you found us
  • When you receive communication, we may collect information about how you respond or
    react; this may affect how future communications will help us provide you with information about our campaigns, fundraising, services and products

Please make sure that your information is accurate and up to date when submitting your information to us. This will help us to communicate with you effectively. Please get in touch as soon as you want to amend or delete your data by contacting us.

2. When you use Effervescent website

When you use our website, we collect data about the services and features you use and how you use them, including how you interact with its content and any advertisements.

When you provide your personal details when filling out a registration or otherwise communicating with us, we will collect this data and store it in your record so as to fulfill your request, answer your enquiries, and keep a record of our correspondence with you.

Effervescent’s website uses cookies. Cookies are files which are sent to the computer or device through which you access this website, and they collect small amounts of data. They are used to keep information about such computer or device and your preferences so that Effervescent website doesn’t have to keep asking you for them. We use cookies on Effervescent website as follows:

  • The form used on Effervescent will collect information such as your name, email address and postcode, which will allow Effervescent to identify you on each occasion that you open our website. Our other online forms also allow us to do this in order to help us provide certain information about you when you complete them. This may help to automatically fill in information about your name, or your contact preferences.
  • To allow us to collect statistical and performance data about how the website is used and how it operates. We may collect geo-location data about your geographic location, the mobile device that is used and to confirm what browser you are using, and computer operating systems that are being used. This data doesn’t contain any identifiable information about people. We use this data to improve the functionality of our website, improve how it operates, and ensure you have a good experience when browsing it.
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pixel cookies are used to collect data about which parts of the website are accessed by people who are registered users of these social media channels. These service providers collect this data, which then allows Effervescent to reach new audiences. Effervescent only has access to aggregated data from these companies, not identifiable personal information.

3. When you use social media

When you view information published by Effervescent using social media hosted across various channels, we might collect and receive information that provides aggregate data relating to items such as video views, demographics and location data. Sources of this data may include:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

or other social media platforms. Identifiable personal information about people who access these platforms is collected in order to allow Effervescent to reach and market new audiences.

4. Information Effervescent may shares with other organisations

Effervescent may disclose information to third parties or individuals, when we are obliged to by law or a regulatory order, or when one or more of the following apply:

  • If you have specifically agreed that we may share your personal information to those third parties or individuals for a particular purpose.
  • When we use other companies (known as ‘data processors’) to provide services on our behalf who are only processing personal information in accordance with our instructions. For example, companies that provide: direct mailing or marketing services that send material to you by post, email or text message, customer analysis, assessment, profiling and when using auditors or advisors. Also, we may use third party organisations (again processing data under our instructions) to carry out fundraising on our behalf. For example, we may use a company to call supporters who have agreed to be contacted by phone about a campaign, appeal or donations.
  • Effervescent may also uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Vimeo, YouTube and Pinterest or other social media platform targeted advertising that involves sharing selected supporter information with these social media platforms to create new audiences for advertising. The process is secure and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram LinkedIn, Vimeo, YouTube and Pinterest delete the personal information we have sent to them once new audience profiles of their users have been created. No new personal information is added by us to your supporter record as a result of this.
  • We send selected supporter information to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,LinkedIn, Vimeo, YouTube and Pinterest to create custom audiences to send advertising to our supporters that are also Facebook and Twitter users. We will only market you in this specific way if you have given us your consent.

5. Sensitive personal information

Effervescent does not normally collect or store what is known as ‘special category’ or ‘sensitive’ personal information about supporters – this includes data relating to someone’s health, ethnic origin, religious beliefs or political affiliation. On the few occasions when Effervescent does collect this type of sensitive personal information it will be for specific activities or events. For example:

  • There may also be occasions when you share a story or experience about yourself that includes sensitive personal information relevant to Effervescent mission to be used in a campaign or related marketing. When your information is collected in this way we will always tell you how your information will be used and obtain your explicit consent to use it in this way.
  • You may take part in creative activities with us – an exhibition, campaign or other piece of work. As part of our evaluation methodology we may ask to collect sensitive information. The information we collect will be treated seriously and according to our policy.

6. Information Created by Effervescent

We complete internal research and analysis of your personal data, which can result in new personal data being created and added to your record. We do this in two ways:

  •  We complete research by analysing the success of our campaigns and events, so as to identify patterns, trends and areas for future development. Having this information allows us to better understand our supporters, improve our relationship with you and provide you with a better supporter experience. By doing this, we ensure supporters are only provided with the communications, products and data which are important to them, and that our charity resources are used in a cost- effective way.
  • To achieve this, we analyse and research supporter data to group people together in terms of common characteristics in order to offer you more relevant and tailored information, advertising, services and communications.
  • We keep track of the volume, frequency and value of each person’s support. If, based on data that has been provided to us (such as geographical location, demographics, or previous donations), it appears you may be willing and able to provide more to support Effervescent mission, then we may contact you to see if you wish to do so.
  • We will also obtain data from other sources, which is available on public and commercial databases. This may include obtaining data related to life-style and socio-economic categories. This data is analysed and modelled with a view to creating clusters of supporter types. Attributes are not personalised to individuals but are modelled assessments that ascribe a generalised score or measure to supporter records found in each cluster.
  • We may also conduct supporter research that includes collecting data from public sources about a limited number of supporters who we think can influence policymakers to promote the interests of children and young people. We may also research supporters who we believe can become significant financial supporters of Effervescent’s mission, including well-known or influential people. We make sure that the sources we use are reputable public databases such as Companies House, mainstream news outlets or other reliable media sources.

7. Children Privacy and Security

Effervescent will not intentionally contact anyone under the age of 18 to ask them for donations or other forms of financial contribution.
We would like to give young people the opportunity to be involved in campaigning for change in areas that affect their lives. To achieve this, we may sometimes send email and Facebook communications about campaigns that relate specially to children and young people aged 13–17 years.
The consent of those children and young people will be requested using appropriate privacy notices to receive this type of campaign information. To help us confirm your age, when you agree to receive this information your date of birth may be requested – this must be provided in order to allow you to be involved. We also reserve the right to ask for verification of age if we think it necessary.
Effervescent will not intentionally send communications about campaigns to children aged 12 years or under

8. Legal Obligations

Effervescent relies on the following legal conditions that are described in the EU General Data Protection Regulation to use your personal information in the ways described in this privacy notice:

  • Consent: when you consent or opt-in to receive information and marketing by email or mobile phone text message. We may use this consent to offer you marketing using email and mobile phone text, as well as targeted advertising, including through social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo and Pinterest or any other social media platform.
  • Legal obligations: where we are under a legal obligation to process your personal data for a particular purpose. For example, obligations we have to hold information about donations in compliance with applicable tax laws. We may also sometimes need to process personal information for the purpose of us being able to establish or exercise our legal rights or to defend legal claims.
  • Legitimate interest: where we have a legitimate interest. This is the legal basis that we rely on to send information and marketing by post or telephone when you take part in supporting Effervescent’s mission by making a donation, or requesting information about our work, marketing, campaigns and events or other services. We will also have a legitimate interest in being able to use and process personal information for internal administrative purposes, and when it is necessary to take measures to protect our IT network and data security or to protect ourselves (and our beneficiaries and supporters) from risks to our charity such as fraud, criminal conduct or reputational damage. When processing your personal information based on a legitimate interest, we will make sure that it is exercised proportionately and is always balanced against the privacy rights and other legal rights you have as an individual.
  • Contract: where we agree to provide any products and/or services to you, we will use your personal information in order to arrange for the provision of those products and/or services as well as performing obligations to you or enforcing our rights
    under any contract we have with you.
  • If we are processing any personal information that is regarded as ‘special category’
    or ‘sensitive’ as referred to above, we will only do this with your explicit consent; or, where needed to protect your vital interests (or those of someone else) in an emergency; or, where you have already publicised such information (such as your political affiliations); or, where we have a need to use such data in connection with a legal claim relevant to us.
  • Effervescent may provide direct marketing and fundraising communication to supporters which may include data about: Effervescent and our work with children and young people, Online and paper petitions relating to campaigns, Opportunities to volunteer, Collection box holders, Leaving a legacy, Newsletters, Products and services, Our events, activities, local groups and committees

Fundraising is an important part of our marketing, but we will not share your data with any other organisation, individual or company to allow them to use your personal information for marketing or campaigning purposes, unless we have obtained your specific, freely given, informed and unambiguous consent to do so.

Effervescent may aggregate and anonymise personal information so that it can no longer be linked to any particular person. This anonymised data can be used to identify trends or patterns within our existing supporter base. This information helps inform our actions and improve our campaigns, products, services and materials.

9. You are in control of what Effervescent keep

You can change or delete your personal information and the way we contact you whenever you choose.
You can unsubscribe our newsletter and opt out at anytime by clicking unsubscribe link from the email.

10. Effervescent protects your information

  • All electronic forms that request financial data will use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to encrypt the data between your browser and our servers.
  • If you use a credit card to donate or purchase something online your debit/credit card details are transferred securely to our payment card providers who comply with the payment card industry data security standard (PCI-DSS) published by the PCI Security Standards Council. We do not store any payment card information.
  • We cannot guarantee the security of your home computer or any information sent over the internet or any publicly accessible communications network and using any online communications services are at the user’s own risk.

11. Your rights

Effervescent want to make sure that you are able to make your own choices about how we use your personal information. Part of this is making sure you understand your data protection rights, which are set out as follows:

  • You have certain rights of access in relation to your personal information. We will confirm whether or not we have your data and, if we do, provide a copy of the personal information we hold and other information about how we process your information within relevant timescales (usually a month for simple requests and timescales can be extended for complex requests) (Right of Access – Data Subject Access Request).
  • The right to have your personal information that we no longer need erased from our records (Right to be Forgotten).
  • The right to have inaccurate personal information amended (Right to Rectification). The right to ask us to stop using your information in certain situations (Right to Restrict Processing).
  • The right to object to your personal information being used for marketing or profiling (Right to Object).
  • A right (in certain circumstances) to have a copy of your personal information provided for reuse in another service (Right to Data Portability).

If you have any further queries never hesitate to contact us. Or alternatively write to us at:

Radiant Gallery,
12 Derry’s Cross,
United Kingdom WHO