Our meffod - Effervescent

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1. Set-up & Strategy

Do you like us? Do we like you? Will this work benefit children and young people? Will it make the world a little bit better?

OK, let’s go! (cue lots of strategic thinking to arrive at the right creative brief)

2. Recruitment

Convening the right group of children and young people is a crucial part of any project. Depending on the parameters of the brief, we’ll work closely with you to pull together a group of young people that will be safe, engaged, and able to deliver a magical creative idea.

3. Devising

This is the part of the process that is unique to Effervescent and has been developed over many years of practice.

We work with the group for up to two weeks to ‘devise’ a creative idea and campaign. To the untrained eye it looks like a bunch of people chatting, being silly and having a lot of fun making creative stuff. (probably wearing big fluffy socks) It is that, but it’s also a delicate, cumulative process that helps the group to tap into their collective conscious, uncover their shared insights and creatively express things that they may not even know they know.

Our job – as well as keeping the young people happy – is to find the golden thread that runs through everything and help the group to weave it into something beautiful.

This work is best done face-to-face but it can also sometimes be done remotely using video-conference technology.

At the end of the process the group will share their insights with you and pitch their creative idea / blow your socks off.

4. Production

We pull together the perfect production team from our in-house creatives and network of specialists. They’ll collaborate closely with the young people to turn an incredible creative idea into an incredible creative campaign.

5. Evaluation

At Effervescent we don’t like standing still. We get better at what we do by measuring the impact of our projects on the young people we work with, and by measuring the impact of our campaigns – and learning from both.

If you're curious, get in touch - we love to chew the fat.