How Long Would You Wait?

Helping 4 Young Adults Improve Mental Well Being

Commissioned by Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust in partnership with Groundwork South West, Effervescent designed and lead a two week residential for young adults who had experienced a psychotic episode.

The group was challenged to develop a film campaign to raise awareness of psychosis, increase and accelerate referrals to the Early Intervention Team, thereby helping affected people as early as possible.  The young adults’ coping mechanisms, communication skills and self esteem were also to be boosted.

Starting with a week of creative devising, the group worked on how to express their feelings about psychosis and its effects, before working with a range of creative professionals to plan, write, act in and produce the film, as well as feed into the design and creation of the supporting website.

The residential had a 94% voluntary attendance rate; all the young adults involved came away feeling proud, confident and capable and some went back to work as a result of “practising” work patterns of turning up, concentrating, and team working through the project.

The final film campaign was launched virally August 2010 and in the six months following release it uplifted early referrals to the EI Team by 71%.