Finding Hope

Helping 35 Children Develop Resilience; emotionally, practically and collectively

Commissioned by Stockton Children’s Services, Creative Partnerships Tees Valley and Hardwick Primary School, Effervescent designed and lead a five week residency for 35 key stage 2 children to help them improve literacy, communication skills and creativity while building self esteem and raising aspirations.

The focus was on helping the children cope with the ongoing demolition of their housing estate and school, but the aim was for the residency’s ripples to reach and reengage families with the school, placing it back at the heart of the community.

Through five weeks of intensive work with Effervescent creative practitioners, the children made an interactive theatre adventure which expressed their memories, hopes and fears for where they lived; creating planning and performing the final piece for over 300 adults and children.

Transformation: The project and performance not only helped the participants eloquently address their feelings towards the changes going on around them, it transformed their literacy SATS scores, boosted attendance, permanently changed the way the teachers delivered the national curriculum, and drew in the community through the children’s reignited passion for their school work.