I.AM.NOT.A.ROBOT is shortlisted for National Arts Prize

We are excited to announce our Autumn 2017 project <I.AM.NOT.A.ROBOT> in partnership with the Plymouth City Council, has been shortlisted for this year’s Hearts for the Arts Award by the National Campaign for the Arts.


Our Creative Director, Eloise Malone, bounced around the room and squeaked, “What an amazing compliment! We are delighted that yet again the work of children and young people in Plymouth is being showcased as being heart-wrenching, beautiful, and making the world kinder and happier.”


The judges said:

“An innovative and inspirational project supported by a range of excellent partners and funders. This is the sort of initiative that could be rolled out nationally. Excellent!”


We would like to thank everyone involved, especially our Young Curators Jess, Tegan, Rhiannon, Jade and Amber, who concept-designed the show.


Huge thanks to Effervescent Associate Artists Hana Backland, Mike Cobb and Phil Innes, who worked with the Young Curators to make the set, build the robots and create the soundtrack.


Big hugs for Plymouth Music Zone for their singers and musicians, who helped us record the soundtrack.


Fluffy thanks to City College Plymouth students who helped us install and bring to life the extra robots as Plymouth people hugged and read them stories.


A special thank you to our volunteer maker Trudy Lyndon, and University of Plymouth students Luke, Charlotte, Liv and Poppy.


And most of all, love to the people of Plymouth who hugged, cared for and fostered the robots from our Bureau of Fostering Fluff.






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